the family home

One thing that was great about growing up was my family had a really big old 2-story farmhouse. I think it was built around 1920. There was also a 2-level red barn, a chicken coop, a garden, a hog pen attached to the side of the barn, and 2 other storage buildings for stuff like tractors and odds-and-ends you have on a farm. The property had 11 acres which my dad used to farm. The house was just about identical to other farm houses in the county. The bottom floor had a kitchen, a small bedroom, dining room, sewing room, pantry, living room, and a bathroom with a tub. Nobody had showers in their house when I was a kid. When you first entered the house there was a porch. It seems all these old houses had these I think because it was snow country and 1) this gave you a place to take off your snowy boots and 2) it kept some of the winter blast from coming right into the front door. Upstairs there were 3 bedrooms, 2 of which were large and one was small. None of these old kind of farm houses had 2 bathrooms. There was a full size basement with a coal burning furnace. We had laundry lines hung in the basement for wintertime drying of clothes. In the warm months we hung wash out on lines in the yard. There was a wrap-around porch. It went around 3 sides of the house. There was a wooden swing on it. I used to like to take my comic books out there and lemonade in the summer.


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