meals my mother cooked

Way back, I don’t know how old I was, my mother would cook a large meal for family members.  This may have been on Sundays.  My two brothers were still at home and it seemed like others were around the table also.  My mother cooked plain food, as some people would call it.  Perhaps this is what my dad asked her to cook.  She might bake a large roast in the oven, then serve it with mashed potatoes and gravy.  At holiday time she made cranberries from scratch, buying a bag of raw cranberries at the grocery.  It took a lot of sugar to do this!  The vegetables were always from the garden:  corn on the cob, sliced green onions, pickles, and corn relish.  Dessert was usually a fruit pie, great fruit locally grown in our county of Michigan.  We also grew rhubarb in the garden, it was hardy and came up every year by itself.  I used to cut and eat stalks sprinkled with salt.  Rhubarb pie was good, either alone or mixed half-and-half with cherries or strawberries.  The bread served was something like yeast rolls.  And of course, white bread, or dark Russian rye breads.


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