Life is not all good, or all bad

Life is not all good or all bad either.  We take the bitter with the sweet.  If you let the bad things get you down, you had better find a way to get uplifted.  Either by faith in God (belief in the Bible), your own strong will, encouragement from elders, or a combination of all.   I received encouragement from the teachers I had in school.  It was a public school but it was a good one.  They always stressed that it was ‘accredited’ and at the time I didn’t understand what that was. 

It was difficult growing up as the years went along.  I received no guidance at all from my father that I remember.  He died when I was eleven years old.  Actually I don’t remember him ever going to work.   He probably did but I was too young to remember it.   On his death certificate it said his place of employment was a machine shop in Saint Joseph.  His daughter probably had this put on there.  By this time he and my mother were divorced.  My mother was probably a stay-at-home housewife for a few years until his drinking made things worse.


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