the day I was born- I wish I knew more

When I was born my mother was already 36 years old. I was born in February, so that is the coldest month of the year! I wish I knew more about my birth, or the days leading up to it. Nobody ever told me any stories. I asked one of my sisters a couple of years ago what did she remember about my birth. She said she was probably at work. She was already married. My mom told me the doctor asked her did she have a baby crib for me when I went home. She said “no.” I think this is strange, there were 5 kids between my parents. They knew a newborn would need a place to sleep. The doctor said he would give her one. My dad was working, why didn’t he have a crib purchased already? His 3 daughters were grown and all married. Did they not think the new baby would need some furniture? My sister did tell me she was the first one to give me a bath once I got home. That’s all I know. I don’t know if my mom had any baby showers. I have a monogrammed silver cup that I guess I got as a birth gift I have my beaded baby bracelet from the hospital. I wish someone had taken pictures of me or my mom holding me.  My two half-brothers were twelve and thirteen when I was born.  Can you imagine the turmoil of a household when you are a pre-teen?  Wow, it must have been a big shock to have to see their mother deal with bottles and diapers!


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