A time of calm– but it was temporary

From what I gather, my mother must have become a housewife when she married my father.  Remember, she was now a naturalized citizen.  Her time living at the worker camp with the sponsor watching over the whole bunch of them was over.  The sponsor’s job was to make sure they stayed out of trouble, learned English, and eventually found jobs in the community.  He was not only their sponsor, he was their first boss.  They picked fruit for him on his farm. 

My mother had to learn English, get a drivers license, and learn to drive a car by herself!  This was quite a job.  Can you imagine going to a foreign country and not knowing the language?  You have 2 small boys to raise and all of you only speak Latvian.  The boys learned quickly by playing with other kids.  My father must not have been paying the property taxes.  One day they received a notice in the mail that they were behind.  They could lose their property.  According to my brother, my mom went to work as a cleaning lady to earn money for the bill.  One of my half-sisters told me she was always driving my mom to her cleaning jobs.  Many of these were doctor’s offices.  She said she didn’t know how she got these jobs, but she seemed to do well at them and had a lot of work lined up!  I don’ t know how she got the jobs either, I never knew this until a few years ago.  By now my dad’s 3 daughters were grown and out of the home.  My half-brothers did not like my father at all.  My mother always told me when I was growing up that my dad was jealous of them.  TO BE CONTINUED!


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