I’ll skip ahead in my blog about to going to school at age 5.  Kindergarden!  My mom didn’t teach me to read or sign my name or anything.  I was a blank slate when I got to school.  Perhaps this was for the best, it might just have confused my young mind.    It was a one room schoolhouse!  Yes!  We had a teacher named Mrs. Gilliland.  I think we all loved her and I think she loved us!  The building held grades K-4.  We were one grade per row.  Kingergarden was closest to the window.  Then 1st grade one row over, and etc.  We all had to take our lunch to school.  A milk man came close to lunch time and delivered those little cartons of milk for all of us.

For Music class, a music teacher came from school to lead us in singing.  There wasn’t even a piano in the school.  She would blow on this little round tuner thing, sort of like a whistle to get us on the correct key.  Did we even know what this ‘being on key’ thing was?  No, of course not, but to the teacher I guess it was.  Then we would sing a variety of sings, you know those big show tunes like “row row row your boat.”   I thought we sounded great.

Recess meant going outside and playing on the equipment in the small yard area.  Back then it seemed big to me.  On one side was somebody’s home and their driveway.  The other direction was a church parking lot.  I attended two years here.  I was so happy here.  Then one day the teacher said they voted to close the school.  Next fall we would all have to go to the BIG school in town.  I wasn’t too enthused about this, I liked the Arden school.  (It was next to the Arden EUB church, actually I think the buildings were connected).

How would recess be?  Recess was important to me!  Recess now meant we went outside and when it was time to return inside Mrs. Gilliland leaned out of the window and ran a big bell.  Things were so simple in those days.  More on these happy 2 years later.