blogging for beginners

one man in our writing group was required by his publisher to blog.  he had never done this before, had no idea how to find a free blog on the Internet or what to write about.  After encouragement from others in the group he was soon happily blogging.  He wrote a lot about his garden at first and growing tomatoes.  He was a super gardener and gave away lots of his produce to neighbors.  he had what he called a ‘ripening table’ in his back yard that was a picnic table where he placed his tomatoes to ripen up to a fine red color.   anything on the table was free to one and all.   I was just beginnning to garden and found his tips and pictures sooo useful!  Soon he had readers from all over the world giving comments on his postings.  He also posted old family pictures and talked about a souped up car his wife bought one time.  I’m just saying he was an intelligent and interesting man and this proves anybody can be a blogger!


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