what’s wrong with middle class?

I had a relative back in the late 70’s who was in a cranky mood one day.  She fairly spit out the words at the family dining table,  “we’re middle class, nothing but middle class.”  I thought, what’s wrong with middle class?  i love it! I look around at how I live and it sure beats how I grew up.  I have electric heat at the flip of a switch.  Growing up, we had had a big furnace in the basement that we burned large chunks of coal in.  I would come home from school and many times had to start doing my homework with mittens on while my mom built a fire.  My home has a color television set and some rooms have wall-to-wall carpeting.  Growing up, we had an old black and white set.  There was never a  new
appliance or vehicle, they were all used.  I could go on and on, but I am very happy to live like I do now.  Period.


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