my second day in County– no seriously it was still the hospital

hhhhhhhIt turned out I had a hairline fracture of my skull and a concussion. If that is what death is like, it was so quick- like the snap of your fingers. One minute I’m getting off a pony (sort of half-way falling) and then– bingo– it is the next day! To this day I don’t know who paid my hospital bill. My mother sure didn’t have money for this. Maybe I was in the “free room”- heck I don’t know. No one ever mentioned it and my mother never said anything. I was in a room all by myself, with no television. Later my brother brought me a radio so I would have something to listen to. Maybe he brought me some MAD magazines. I’m not sure on the magazines but do remember the radio. I had to stay flat in the bed—no pillow– for 7 days. I wasn’t supposed to get up at all. This was like a lifetime when you’re a kid. It was so boring and I had no visitors except the nurses. My mother came a couple times to bring dry shampoo to clean my hair. I didn’t know they even had this stuff! She had to go to the drugstore to buy it. It was pleasant having my hair cleaned this way, sort of dusting it with talcum powder– sort of. Anyway it cleaned my hair pretty good and smelled good. There was no air conditioning in the hospital, can you believe that? Nowadays we would think this was a Third World hospital!


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