another day in hospital land

ooooooOne day dragged into the next. It was so boring. The month was August and the room was warm. My window looked out onto a corner of the parking lot. I could see a little bit of the lawn and some parked cars. I was on the third floor I believe. So I could not see people walking on the sidewalk. The doctor never came into the room at all once I was placed in there. Nobody did tests on me, drew blood, nothing. Nurses just brought me food three times a day and gave me sponge baths. I don’t remember what kind of food they fed me, it must have been bland , typical hospital food. I wish I could remember! With no one to talk to the days were very long. I got used to sleeping without a pillow and kept this up for years afterward. It is funny you get can get accustomed to different things that are uncomfortable at first. Finally it was discharge day! I was so excited! My legs felt funny, rubbery-like when I got up and sat on the edge of the bed. I don’t remember it, but they probably put me in a wheelchair to take me down to the first floor Discharge area.


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