empty coffee cups and hanging out dry clothes to dry—again!

nnnn7When you see actors drink whiskey from a bottle (say in a cowboy movie like “Appaloosa” I watched last night) in a saloon you figure they are swilling tea, right?  When I watch my soap, Days of Our lives, they are always drinking hot tea/cocoa/coffee from empty coffee cups.  It seems funny, but who would want to risk a spill on their clothing or getting latte foam on their upper lip?  the cups are a always spotless inside (what you can see of the inside).  no tea or coffee lines, no mini marshmallows sticking to the rim, etc.

Another funny thinf I have noticed for many years is the women in movies who march out into the backyard to hang up the wash on the clothes lines. Of course, these are not modern housewives who use a drier.  No, they have to go outside so they can look for someone like Shane to ride up on the horizon.  They will hang out dry clothes on the lines.  Nothing is ever wet, you can tell.  they just clip them up and pretend they are wet.


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