I was born under a rock and proud of it

I was born under a rock and don’t try to hide the fact. I never understand people who try to embellish their past. Why not be truthful about it? I love the Dr. Ben Carson book Healing Hands His early life was very sparse and he didn’t try to hide it later on. Why should you or anyone else do this? Why pretend to be who you are not? If the truth comes out later you will be ridiculed. Just be yourself and be humble. I learned a new word last week in our writing group- EPOCH. WELL! I didn’t know what this word meant or how to pronounce it. There are 250,000 words in the English language and believe me nobody knows all of them! It was nice to learn a new word. But I may forget it and never use it in everyday speech or writing. I looked it up in the dictionary this morning to refresh my puny mind. A better idea might be to write 50 sentences using this word. Now that might work!


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