Nuclear is a “GO”!!!!!

Just received acceptance this week on my Nuclear: A Tale of Love and Radiation manuscript! So exciting! It will be in the “New Adult- Fiction” genre. More details later. Also I need to write a sequel also.


Green Berets, Barry Sadler 1966 top song

Remember Barry Sadler? The Green Beret who had a hit single in 1966, “The Ballad of the Green Berets?” It beat out the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Supremes and a lot of others. Fast forward to 2015. Women are actively trying to pass tests this spring to be admitted into the Greet Beret ranks. If so, will someone write a new song? Will the word ‘men’ be changed to ‘soldiers’, ‘fighters’ or another gender-neutral word?

2016 Nascar season- change in opening?

If Danica Patrick (Go Daddy car) is dropped from the roster, will they change the opening of the race? Now they say “gentlemen, start your engines.” Will they go back to “drivers start your engines?” My guess– they will leave it as it is now. Reason: if another woman driver shows up later down the road (no pun intended) they would have to go back to saying it like they have it now (‘drivers’).