Tomatoes! Banana Peppers! More jars to show off!

this is another picture of our tomatoes and banana peppers.  I have date marked the lids.  They are sitting in the bottom half of a heavy weight plastic storage box.  I didn’t know they had these kinds of boxes.  You put the top on and it has snapping notches.  So there are some neat appliances and tools that make your canning easier. We are going to construct a better food storage area in our kitchen soon.  We have 2 places we store canned goods and it is not using the space wisely.  I have seen some do-it-yourself shelving at Lowes Hardware I want to check out.

cremation lockets for your pet! No kidding!

I saw these on Ebay last month.  No offense to modern pet owners, but I think they are really creepy.  Would you wear your pet’s ashes around your neck as jewelry?  I have always had pets in my life— dogs, cats, fish, turtles, canaries– so don’t think I am an animal hater.  You can go to Ebay and look at them.

can we have some educational things on WordPress? Natural beauty of flowers

I know it will never happen, but wouldn’t it be nice for just ONE DAY not to have any upsetting, rotten stuff posted on the Internet?  Could we all spread a little sunshine and happiness once in a while?  It really is a shame that an invention like the Internet spreads so much bad stuff.  So I will continue with my sunflower picture.  This one was multi-colored yellow and gold.

another lovely sunflower to enjoy

I bought a packet of multi-colored sunflower seeds this year.  I don’t remember if they were from Wal*Mart or  Home Depot or Lowes Hardware but the pack had a pretty picture on it.  I didn’t know there was anything  but ‘regular’ sunflowers.  Since the garden expanded 3X this year (due to a tiller purchase) I had LOTS of space to plant any old thing I wanted!  I planted these because my mom always grew sunflowers in her garden and I was amazed at how big they grew.  These are not the kind you eat the seeds out of.  The seeds are teeny tiny.  They are just ornamental but the bugs and flies sure love them!  When buying seeds don’t be a snob.  I have found plenty of seed and flower packets at the Dollar stores around town at much lower prices than other places.  And the seeds always sprouted just fine.  Just saying folks….don’t be a snob.

learning new things- home canned banana pepper rings

Never thought I would do this, but yup, here they are.  The banana peppers were ready to pick and some were very large.  They had not turned the true yellow color.  We canned anyway.  These are the ones we usually fry and eat like French fries every summer.  I tried to slice very thin.  After they were done, they sort of look like chow chow!  The recipe said to press them firmly into the jar before pouring the boiling water and vinegar over.  We packed them twice this week.  The second time I put a thin sliced yellow onion ring on top for a different flavor.  Can’t wait until this winter when we pop a jar open!  Strange to say but I never ate these things before Subway came to town!  Now I can’t imagine a ham sandwich without them!  The mild pepper and vinegar flavor really go with the meat.

growing okra and how soon to cut it

Okra is easy to grow! The downside is that you need to cut it once or maybe even twice a day when it really gets into rapid growth. If you don’t you will get these gnarly huge pods that are useless to eat or can! The first couple of years of gardening, I used to cut these off and throw them away. Then I saw that you could buy them dried in Hobby Lobby for quite a good price. I had to figure out how to dry mine and now every winter I sell about 20 auctions worth on Ebay. These sales have 20-25 pods in each.

up for sale! Nuclear: A Tale of Love and Radiation!

up for sale! Nuclear: A Tale of Love and Radiation!.

up for sale! Nuclear: A Tale of Love and Radiation!

NUKEat long last- up for sale (Ebook only at this time, but perhaps in a day or two print version)  Selling on Solstice Publishing.Com and Amazon.

Where U @ book review! by K.C. Sprayberry

Where U @ is a YA novel by K.C. Sprayberry. At first, I thought this was just a story of a high school girl and her boyfriend. But I soon got involved reading about her family life and not her school life. She has problems with her mother and grandmother. She despises her long-gone but not forgotten father. But as the story moves along, she finds her grandmother is not as bad as she seems. Trea is dealt a rough hand early in life and it is not her fault. Every time she gets a happy moment, something else quickly comes along to dull the thrill of a golden moment. Over and over she has to figure out how to overcome her horrible upbringing. I found myself cheering Trea on, hoping against hope that there would be a light at the end of the tunnel for the plucky and hard working girl. This was a very satisfying and well written book. You will remember it long after you finish the last page.