109 Windows updates backed up since I was lost in Windows 8

I bought this computer in June.  I know this, because my “Updates” area told me the last updates I downloaded were done at this time..  After that, other computers in the house did automatic updates, but the new one did not and I couldn’t figure out how to manually do them.  I thought I had selected “automatic updates” in my start up stuff,  but I couldn’t remember.  (RULE:  write things down!)  I did find the area to “check for updates” but when I checked it , the circle icon just rolled and rolled round and nothing happened.  Last night, I was shutting down to go to bed.  There were 3 choices in the shutdown area.  One said:  SHUT DOWN, the other said RESTART, and the last said RESTART and UPDATE.  For some reason I never noticed this.  I did “Restart and Update and my backed up updates started flowing in!  There were 62 of them!  Another hour later I did the same thing and it found 42 more.  Sunday morning I had  9 more.  I’ll have to go back to Best Buy and sheepishly tell the nice salesman that I found the error.  I was ready to take the thing back and turn it in for help.

my experience with Windows 8 was not great to say the least

Happiness! I detested using my new Dell laptop with Windows 8. The “charms” feature frustrated me to no end. Then last night I learned I could just go to my “Start” page (like my old laptop) and access the Internet there on the big “E” icon. I opened several windows and worked away. The “Charms” feature also switched around my Hotmail into 3 categories I didn’t want, plus it limited my incoming emails to only 10. I didn’t know how to find old ones I wanted to glance back at. When I was back to regular Hotmail everything was just like it used to be. I was also having trouble with my screen suddenly magnifying myself while in “Charms” and now that I don’t use it, I can just use the old round icon in the upper right hand corner

female Army Rangers to graduate this week!

Two female soldiers will graduate from the Army’s grueling Ranger School on Friday, becoming the first women to ever complete what is considered one of the U.S. military’s most difficult and premier courses to develop elite fighters and leaders, a senior Army official said.

The accomplishment marks a major breakthrough for women in the armed services at a time when each of the military branches is required to examine how to integrate women into jobs like infantryman in which they have never been allowed to serve. But even as the two new female graduates will be the first women allowed to wear the prestigious Ranger Tab on their uniforms, they still are not allowed to try out for the elite 75th Ranger Regiment, a Special Operations force that remains closed to women and has its own separate, exhausting requirements and training.

my property is getting more like Texas every day

I used to have lots of moles that dug up my yard.  They were annoying until I got something worse–Armadillos!  The mole tunnels were soon replaced by deep armadillo holes.  Last week it dawned on me (duh) that the moles were gone!  Perhaps their underground food source was being consumed by the armadillos.  Now I have spotted another critter– a coyote! Oy vey!  Where will it end?  Perhaps this explains why my wild rabbit population has disappeared.


Terrorists are coming into the United States across the Southern Borders. They’re being assisted by the drug cartels and others. When the fanatics begin suicide bombings in shopping malls, one man forges the clues into links that form an escalating chain of terror.

The enigmatic Frost, a former Special Operations soldier, knows that soon, Americans will be confronted by a weapon of mass destruction—aimed at its heartland business and trading center—Chicago.

Only he and his team stand between the terrorists and the death of thousands.

Piety and Murder

Mack Brinson, a former Green Beret is not easily intimidated. When a smarmy televangelist’s organization is legally stealing from his family he takes action.

He is first threatened, then ambushed. After surviving, one of his family is kidnapped. Fearing a clumsy rescue effort will result in her death, he mounts a raid by calling in his old Special Forces buddies. During the action, Brinson’s sweetheart, Pattie, proves to be an excellent sniper.

Nothing is ever as it seems. Revelations about past deceptions and current fraud lead to excruciating revenge.