109 Windows updates backed up since I was lost in Windows 8

I bought this computer in June.  I know this, because my “Updates” area told me the last updates I downloaded were done at this time..  After that, other computers in the house did automatic updates, but the new one did not and I couldn’t figure out how to manually do them.  I thought I had selected “automatic updates” in my start up stuff,  but I couldn’t remember.  (RULE:  write things down!)  I did find the area to “check for updates” but when I checked it , the circle icon just rolled and rolled round and nothing happened.  Last night, I was shutting down to go to bed.  There were 3 choices in the shutdown area.  One said:  SHUT DOWN, the other said RESTART, and the last said RESTART and UPDATE.  For some reason I never noticed this.  I did “Restart and Update and my backed up updates started flowing in!  There were 62 of them!  Another hour later I did the same thing and it found 42 more.  Sunday morning I had  9 more.  I’ll have to go back to Best Buy and sheepishly tell the nice salesman that I found the error.  I was ready to take the thing back and turn it in for help.

2 thoughts on “109 Windows updates backed up since I was lost in Windows 8

  1. I was VERY lost when I got my first Windows8 laptop. But I made myself learn to use it. Glad I did, because the next desktop was Windows 10 & I was able to move around easily.

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