Spanish Sands excerpt (Amazon ebook)

Andy surveyed the beach to see the distance to the Holiday Inn.  It appeared about fifty yards away from where he originally entered the water.  Now they
walked through the surging surf and sand and little brown fish tumbled around their knees.
“You’re safe now.  Are you with a group?”
Lucia pointed to a cluster of red blankets, a rental umbrella, and ice chest.  Two other young women in bikinis were spread out, tanning, and motionless.
“Those your buddies?”
“Doesn’t seem that you were missed.”  Andy felt disgusted.  How could you not watch out for your friends?
Lucia picked up her pace upon nearing the blankets.
“Patricia, Helen!  Why didn’t you come save me?”
Andy looked over the spot.  Empty plastic drink containers with straws were propped in the sand next to each woman.  They rolled over and looked at her stupidly.
“You were asleep, weren’t you?”  She looked at them indignantly.
“I just drank a coupla beers,” the one in the orange bikini said.”
“Yeah,” the other girl parroted her.  “I just had a couple of beers, too.”
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Andy thought.  I could already have been home eating lunch with my dad now.  I could be doing a whole lot of other things too.
“I hate to leave you pretty ladies, but I have to find my shoes that I tossed on the beach half an hour ago.”
Disgusted, he turned to leave.
“Wait!”  Lucia reached out to touch his back.  “I didn’t thank you!”  Her eyes were a startling blue color.
Andy turned to look at her.  She bore such a damned pretty look he almost forgot their situation–almost.  He never could bear stupidity well.

Job interviews

Had to escort a man to our office once–he was there for a job interview with my manager.  You read these stories of weird things people do in job interviews– believe me they are true.  I have some odd stories I should post.   This guy blurts out “I can’t believe they called me for this interview, I don’t even have the minimum requirements.”   I said “hmm, hmm.”  We continue walking to the guard desk to badge him.   He is very chatty.  “They let me sleep all the time where I work (this was the same company)  I work double shifts, they would rather pay me OT instead of hiring another person.”  The managers knew the guy slept & looked the other way.

Relatives who steal from you

Before I went in the military (yes, ages ago) I bought a travel iron.  It was around $5.00 at a local department store.  I had it for years and years and it worked like a top.  It had a collapsible handle and a detachable water bottle on the side.  It was absolutely perfect.  I had it for 16 years.   Fast forward to 1988– a female relative was getting married and going on a honeymoon.  She lamented in the kitchen one day she really wished she had a travel iron to take with her.  Being nice, I opened my mouth.  “Oh, I have one you can borrow!”   When I delivered it to her, she got this glint in her eye– I could tell she really liked it.  That was fine with me, I was doing a favor to a relative.  Upon returning from her honeymoon, she never returned it to me.  I waited a reasonable time (about 3 weeks) and thought nervously I had better say something.  I explained that I ironed all the time with it and used it for small quilt projects.  The happy look in her eyes disappeared.  I knew I had asked her to return something she coveted.  She gave it back the next time I saw her, before church on a Sunday morning.  She had a glum look in her eyes and her “thank you” was said in a flat voice.  Oh oh, I made Little Princess I-Am-Spoiled mad.  A couple of years went by, and I went looking for my iron.  I had always kept it in the same place (on top of the dryer) along with a couple other irons I used.  It was nowhere to be found.  I dug around the area, sure that it must have fallen off into a box.  Nope, it was gone.  I never said anything to anyone about this.   I kept wondering where my iron was.  Finally (it takes me along time to figure out mean actions) I realized I had given other family members keys to our house.  This was to come over in case of emergency or if they needed baby items (they baby sat my child) while I was at work.  It wouldn’t have been hard to track down my laundry area, duh, they had been in my house many many times.  Princess IAS took it.  She has passed away now, but I always think of what she said many times– “I hate a thief”– well she was one.  I just wanted to tell my story.

Bridges of Madison County

Well heck– just read that Robert James Waller has died.  I remember reading Bridges years ago–  near the end of the last chapter I sat on the edge of my bed and cried my eyes out.  Phooey on the critics, it WAS a great romance book!  The movie WAS NOT, casting was horrible.  But it one of those books you need to read when you are a middle-aged woman.