Weird things I have seen on job interviews

Had to escort a man to our office once–he was there for a job interview with my manager.  You read these stories of weird things people do in job interviews– believe me they are true.  I have some odd stories I should post.   This guy blurts out “I can’t believe they called me for this interview, I don’t even meet the job requirements.” I said “hmm, hmm.”  He continues.  “They let me sleep all the time where I work (this was the same company, different city)  I work double shifts, they would rather pay me OT instead of hiring another person.”  The managers knew the guy slept & looked the other way.

Pee Wee says girlfriend, don’t do it!

This could cause flack for me.  I see it as a way to sock more money into your retirement account.  This is the most addictive thing I have seen women do.  Acrylic nails are like drugs!  YES, they are beautiful!  YES they make your hands look gorgeous!  YES YES YES.  But they’re costly!  I was tallying up prices I looked up on Yahoo answers & saw these nails cost $500-$700 per year.  I have personally known women who get these applied for special occasions and love, love, love how they look.  So they keep on getting them. Why, ladies?  Wouldn’t you rather retire early?  A pretty manicure is very easy to do yourself using the proper tools.  And there’s a rainbow of affordable nail polishes you can buy and apply yourself.  Some of my friends stop using the better nail parlors & start going to unlicensed places which are a whole lot cheaper but a tad risky.  The acrylics can make your nails thinner (I know one lady who wore them for 11 years non-stop and finally quit).  There are dangers of fungus and infection. Just my 2c.

Plot & Plan ahead of time Pee Wee $ay$

As I get older, I realize more things.  These things are admitting that my household appliances do not last very long.  7-10 years seems to be the max on everything.  My tip today is start shopping early!  This does not mean to trash your appliances and tote new ones in the door.  But the next time you have a little spare time, check out the aisles in Home Depot, Best Buy, or Wal*Mart.  Start looking at prices and features.  Take a notepad if you need to remember details, measurements,  and make/models.  In the last 20 years appliances have changed, and many you used to buy no longer exist.  They are a lot fancier, have electronic touch pads instead of dials to twist.  Many have plans you get that require a company service guy to visit your home every year to run a diagnostic test with a laptop.  These will be free for while I found out.  Then when the day comes when your washer/dryer combo huffs its last breath you are READY.  Also, make sure the delivery deal includes that they HAUL OFF the old item.

If you buy it, you eat it! save!

This is a simple one.  Over the years I have purchased food products that were not what I thought they were.  One example was 3 cups of goat yogurt from Earth Fare grocery. I thought it would be a healthy food, or even a treat!  imagine that!  I picked out flavors I liked and took them home.  Upon opening the first one I found it tasted fine but smelled horrible–like G_O_A_T smell horrible.  They cost me $1.00 apiece.  I really did not want to eat them, but that  money came out of the household food budget.  I found that by holding my nose and spooning the yogurt down, it tasted FINE.  I just could not bear the SMELL.  Lesson learned– if you buy it, you eat it.  This is a good lesson to just buy one of a new food product or even a sample size if possible.  Buying sample sizes seems a waste at first, but it is a good way to try out a new taste.

Pee Wee will give you money saving tips!

I have been hankering to give tips on how to retire early.  I did, I was in my 50’s.  Was it easy?  Well yes and no.  You have to scrimp and save quite a bit, but hey, you are giving the money to yourself!  Most of these will be low cost savings,  yet they will add up over time.  My first tip is DO NOT BUY HOLIDAY WRAPPING PAPER.  So what if a few people grumble in your family?  Do you want to retire early or keep on slogging?  Buy plain wrapping paper, meaning solid colors, striped, or even polka dot.  No reindeer, jumping babies, throbbing hearts.  Good colors are:  silver, white, red, green, and blue.  Hit up the thrift shops and yard sales.  Folks, you can use this stuff for any occasion!  If it is Christmas, add a green or red bow (or ribbons) if you want.  You get the drift.  Think about it, do your children really care about the paper?  Hmm, I bet they are more excited about what is inside the box!  If you absolutely have to, you can buy Christmas paper, but ONLY (a big only) if it is on sale.  As I figured out long ago, you will only use this stuff once a year.  With Pee Wee’s idea, you are set for 12 months!