If you buy it, you eat it! save!

This is a simple one.  Over the years I have purchased food products that were not what I thought they were.  One example was 3 cups of goat yogurt from Earth Fare grocery. I thought it would be a healthy food, or even a treat!  imagine that!  I picked out flavors I liked and took them home.  Upon opening the first one I found it tasted fine but smelled horrible–like G_O_A_T smell horrible.  They cost me $1.00 apiece.  I really did not want to eat them, but that  money came out of the household food budget.  I found that by holding my nose and spooning the yogurt down, it tasted FINE.  I just could not bear the SMELL.  Lesson learned– if you buy it, you eat it.  This is a good lesson to just buy one of a new food product or even a sample size if possible.  Buying sample sizes seems a waste at first, but it is a good way to try out a new taste.


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