Wretched retirement party

This happened back in 2005.  We had a huge retirement party in our office.  There was a large buy-out offered by the company and many workers signed up for it.  Oh joy, there were 10 in my office chomping at the bit to sign up.  As the secretary, I knew I would be devoting a large amount of time to it.  The party would be at the end of December.  Our committee decided it would be nice to use red and green serving pieces.  One lady brought her mom’s red punch bowl.  You can see where this is going.  One hour before the party started, I was schlepping a large buggy of food down the sidewalk towards the building.  The lady who brought the bowl charged up the sidewalk with a look of thunder on her face.  When I got to the conference room I found out why.  Another woman filled the bowl with 2 bottles of chilled ginger ale and a huge tub of orange sherbet.  Then she added a large chunk of round ice.  She began stirring it to mix everything.  In a brilliant move, she decided to break up the ice with a jumbo office letter opener.  Wham wham- them C-R-A-C-K.  Punchy stuff began leaking out onto the floor.  Damage control began.  She didn’t give a thought to the fact that the old bowl wasn’t tempered glass and by dumping in cold items, she had chilled it a lot.  A slight whack with the opener was all it took!