hand lotion vs cream, what’s the difference?

This is one of those things you learn as you get older.  Nobody told me the difference between these products, I just figured it out when I was about twenty-five years old.  In one office I worked in (there were many women) we kept a large pump bottle of inexpensive hand lotion.  We could use it whenever we wanted.  We took turns buying a refill bottle when one was used up.  It worked okay I guess, but pretty soon your hands (or elbows or arms) soon got dry feeling.  I checked the contents and found it was basically water.  When I started making a little more money, I could afford to buy hand LOTION for myself and kept it at home.  There was less water in it.  It was heavier, sometimes waxier feeling, but in a good way.  You could use just a dab and it lasted way longer.  Of course, it cost a lot more but in the long run you saved money.  Fancy lotion always make a nice gift for your girlfriends!

cheapest is not always best in shampoo

I had two coupons recently for shampoo I would not ordinarily purchase.  However, since they work so well and are so rich I want to recommend them as “cost savers.”  This is because you only use half as much as a cheaper product.  One is Garnier Whole Blends and the other is Herbal Essences.  I don’t know why they renamed the H-E shampoo, years ago it was simply “Herbal ESSENCE.”