beware progressive lens eyeglasses

I recently went for an eye exam.  Thought it was time to try out those snazzy progressive lens glasses– you know, the ones that aren’t “bi-focal”, just look like a plain lens?  HAH.  My previous doctor said I could have been in bifocals 10 years ago but I kept using my regular single lens glasses because they were less expensive.  (I am nearsighted).  As time went on, I started to take my glasses  off to read, sew, or use my tablet.  Moving right along– I told the new doctor I wanted to try the progressives.  I picked out some new frames & they said I had 2 weeks to try the glasses– no problem.  If I was unhappy, I could just bring them back.  I did this.  They were HORRIBLE.  I tried them for 2 days and gave up. Then I read up on them & found they could take weeks and even MONTHS to get used to them.  So before my deadline was up, back they went.  I said “please exchange them for single vision like I had before.”  I expected to be reimbursed the difference.  NOT.  I got charged the princely free of $347.  I really got soaked on this.