losing your produce in Wal*Mart

This is not a biggy, but it is a small annoyance I’ve had at Wal*Mart.  And no, it is not their fault.  People love to knock Wal*Mart, not me.  I LOVE ‘EM. Cheap prices & cheap meds for me.  When I put bananas, white potatoes, or sweet potatoes in those plastic bags, many times they would tear through in my buggy.  Sometimes the tear occurred when I lifted them onto the conveyor belt– OOPS there goes that banana!  Sometimes I would double bag them.  Takes a few seconds extra, but it worked.  Then last year, they set up a bagging/sanitation station in the meat department.  I found out pretty fast those plastic bags were BIGGER & STRONGER.  Yowzee!  push your buggy a few feet farther & use those bags!  In past years, some stores had big bags for your greens, but lately those have disappeared.  Whole Foods does have them though (in a nice green color).  After you bring your produce home, recycle them into small trash can liners.


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