Stories to Read by Candlelight

I just finished reading the ARC of this small (and quickly read) book of short stories.  Originally written in 1897, they were translated into English by Patricia Worth.  you can purchase it at

It would be a great Christmas gift for a girlfriend!

how NOT to do home improvements!

I know this man!  This is not some picture I saved off Google!  I know it is funny, but still!  Why???? He is not even tied off!

Esme’s Wish

I just finished reading a delightful YA book, Esme’s Wish!  It can be purchased online at Odyssey Books.Com. AU.   It deals with a fifteen year old girl who has to deal with her father remarrying a new wife.  Her mother was presumed lost at sea.  While her father is away, honeymooning, she sets out to find clues about her mother.  Were they true, did she really die as everyone said?  The writing was so good, it was a true delight to read.  I hope to see other works by Elizabeth Foster in the future!