who invented cargo pants?

I got to thinking, who invented cargo pants? I know I saw them on boys’ fasnions for years, and thought maybe they were an urban sort of design. Then I thought, didn’t the US Army wear them? I looked on Wikipedia and they originated with the British Armed Forced (1938!) and were called “battle dress”. The pockets were intended for bandages and maps. They were in the USA by the mid-40’s. Our US Paratroopers used the pockets to hold extra K-rations and ammo. Nowadays, in urban settings, they can be used to take some extra food with you instead of having to carry it in a sack.


Terrorists are coming into the United States across the Southern Borders. They’re being assisted by the drug cartels and others. When the fanatics begin suicide bombings in shopping malls, one man forges the clues into links that form an escalating chain of terror.

The enigmatic Frost, a former Special Operations soldier, knows that soon, Americans will be confronted by a weapon of mass destruction—aimed at its heartland business and trading center—Chicago.

Only he and his team stand between the terrorists and the death of thousands.