should I have tossed out all my video tapes back in 2004?

Now that I look back, maybe videotapes were pretty good.  A) they were cheap.  B) your VCR was easy to use.  Four main buttons, start, stop, forward, backward.  C)  The movie ran from beginning credits + title to movie content to showing the end credits.  Granted there were no subtitles, but you could crank up the volume to compensate for this.  You couldn’t leave them out in your car in freezing temps though.

Then they invented DVDs.  They were more expensive.  The DVD player and remote had a lot of confusing instructions.  The movies sometimes played in a normal manner.  Many times the options area is at the end of the DVD.  So you have to get to the end to set up subtitles (sometimes).  When  DVDs  were rented from the video store, many times they were covered with greasy fingerprints.  People (kids specifically) just had to touch that silvery surface. This was never a problem with video tapes, they were enclosed in a heavy plastic jacket.  And both of them were not made to last forever.  Lastly, now they are pushing Blu-ray dvd’s and the studios are only putting special features on these, not cheaper DVDs.