Ozzy Osbourne and hair dye

this is Part “B” to my Elton John post. Also, at the ripe age of 32, I could not distinguish when people dyed their hair. This is not like now, when people have pink and green hair. Just normal colors– blonde, black, red, or brown. And yes, there were several girls in my high school who colored their hair. But it just never registered with me later in life. The same hairdresser (ok her name was Debbie) said “if a person’s hair is too RICH or too EVEN it is usually hair dye.” So at that point, I made an effort to learn this by subtle observation. Not like saying in front of co-workers, “HEY do you DYE your hair?” Plus I asked other co-workers on the sly to verify what I thought. I am so embarrassed to admit this. Geesh.  I thought I’d add Ozzy’s face to my post to make it fun.

money saver tip for the day $$$$

Get dry haircuts.  My other post just disappeared.  My fault.  90% of beauticians  won’t do this.  Find the 10% who will.  You can change an $18 hair cut into a $10.  I just talked my husband into trying it today and he LOVED it.  I have been doing it every chance I get since 1996.  Ask the hairdresser first if she is agreeable to this.  Shampoo at home either the night before or the morning of the cut.  Don’t apply any “product.”