The Turing Revolt -a new book review!

Just finished this Sci-Fi book, The Turing Revolt. You can purchase it at Odyssey books (an Australian publisher). It is for mature audiences only, check their page for description. Author is Rob Bartlett.

how NOT to do home improvements!

I know this man!  This is not some picture I saved off Google!  I know it is funny, but still!  Why???? He is not even tied off!

money saver tip for the day $$$$

Get dry haircuts.  My other post just disappeared.  My fault.  90% of beauticians  won’t do this.  Find the 10% who will.  You can change an $18 hair cut into a $10.  I just talked my husband into trying it today and he LOVED it.  I have been doing it every chance I get since 1996.  Ask the hairdresser first if she is agreeable to this.  Shampoo at home either the night before or the morning of the cut.  Don’t apply any “product.”