how NOT to do home improvements!

I know this man!  This is not some picture I saved off Google!  I know it is funny, but still!  Why???? He is not even tied off!


do you like your greens dry–or–wet

Grocers are getting fancy nowadays.  Before this fancification began, your greens (kale, collards, radishes) were dry and dirty.  I liked them this way.  Now, many times, they have sprayers and sprinklers going.  The produce area is like a rain forest.  I have to pick up my selection and whip the water out of it.  Then I shove it in a bag, getting my hands & the buggy wet.  Usually I put them on the bottom shelf of the buggy.  It is probably the grubbiest area of the buggy, but I don’t want to get everything else wet.  Now I take it home and cook it within 24 hours or it starts to rot.  it is really gross.  I don’t go to the store every day & this can mean waste.  I understand they want their stuff to look fresh and glistening, but believe me, DRY & DIRTY is the most economical.  Think about it.

eek! germs on my buggy handle!

Wal*mart does try to keep things clean.  They have those handi-wipe things at the front door.  I noticed early in the morning (if you are an early bird shopper) these stands have disappeared.  I figured out some employee is restocking them in the back & they will re-appear.  AHA!  As you fill your buggy, spin by the sanitation stand in the meat area (see my last posting) and they usually have the wipes there.  I said ‘usually.’  One day I was there & all 3 stations were empty.  Also early bird shoppers DO find marked down meat at Wal*Mart.  I used to read this & now that I am retired I find it true many times.  Check them out, read the expiration dates & maybe save a bit of $$.

beware progressive lens eyeglasses

I recently went for an eye exam.  Thought it was time to try out those snazzy progressive lens glasses– you know, the ones that aren’t “bi-focal”, just look like a plain lens?  HAH.  My previous doctor said I could have been in bifocals 10 years ago but I kept using my regular single lens glasses because they were less expensive.  (I am nearsighted).  As time went on, I started to take my glasses  off to read, sew, or use my tablet.  Moving right along– I told the new doctor I wanted to try the progressives.  I picked out some new frames & they said I had 2 weeks to try the glasses– no problem.  If I was unhappy, I could just bring them back.  I did this.  They were HORRIBLE.  I tried them for 2 days and gave up. Then I read up on them & found they could take weeks and even MONTHS to get used to them.  So before my deadline was up, back they went.  I said “please exchange them for single vision like I had before.”  I expected to be reimbursed the difference.  NOT.  I got charged the princely free of $347.  I really got soaked on this.

hand lotion vs cream, what’s the difference?

This is one of those things you learn as you get older.  Nobody told me the difference between these products, I just figured it out when I was about twenty-five years old.  In one office I worked in (there were many women) we kept a large pump bottle of inexpensive hand lotion.  We could use it whenever we wanted.  We took turns buying a refill bottle when one was used up.  It worked okay I guess, but pretty soon your hands (or elbows or arms) soon got dry feeling.  I checked the contents and found it was basically water.  When I started making a little more money, I could afford to buy hand LOTION for myself and kept it at home.  There was less water in it.  It was heavier, sometimes waxier feeling, but in a good way.  You could use just a dab and it lasted way longer.  Of course, it cost a lot more but in the long run you saved money.  Fancy lotion always make a nice gift for your girlfriends!

cheapest is not always best in shampoo

I had two coupons recently for shampoo I would not ordinarily purchase.  However, since they work so well and are so rich I want to recommend them as “cost savers.”  This is because you only use half as much as a cheaper product.  One is Garnier Whole Blends and the other is Herbal Essences.  I don’t know why they renamed the H-E shampoo, years ago it was simply “Herbal ESSENCE.”