Using deodorant stones- hygiene tip

Ok, you may never have used deodorant stones. I never heard of them until the local paper ran an article on them. The come in different styles: liquid spray-on, a solid rock, and a push-up stick. They are easier to find nowadays, but before the Internet I found them at vitamin shops, mail order catalogs, and health food places. To use (if a solid rock) you simply wet them with tap water and apply. Remember, they are only deodorant, NOT antiperspirant. I like them because they will not mark your clothing (especially good if you wear a lot of black). Also, they are popular with deer hunters and people who had had cancer and went to use non-chemical products the rest of their lives.  They are  prone to cracking and chipping, so be careful not to drop on a hard surface.

Sir Elton John and wig spottings

This is a lighthearted post. Saw in the news last week that Elton John not only had cancer 2 years ago,but he is now bald. And wearing wigs. I felt sorry for the guy, I mean he underwent hair plug procedures in the past and they say these are terribly painful. Here’s a silly fact about me–I couldn’t recognize when people wore wigs until I was age 32. If I saw somebody, I always thought “yup, that is their real hair.” It took a co-worker who was a former hairdresser to to set me straight. “When a person LOOKS like they have too much hair, it is probably a wig.” Then, “If their hair looks like a HELMET it is probably a wig.” So I want to pass this on.

it is old- toss it! it is rancid! yech

have a friend who refuses to believe their OTC products “age out” (go bad, turn rancid, turn colors). This has been going on for years. These products are: liniments, hydrogen peroxide, acne meds, fast healing ointments, aspirin, sun block. I tried explaining it was important to read the crimp at the end of each tube (there is a tiny date on there) or perhaps a use by date stamped on a bottle. They insisted hydrogen peroxide “lasts and lasts, like forever.” I showed them it did not. We did an experiment with the liniments. I said “the product smells like peppermint and it gets a little warm, but it is not helping my aching leg.” They still refuse to believe. I give up.

do you like your greens dry–or–wet

Grocers are getting fancy nowadays.  Before this fancification began, your greens (kale, collards, radishes) were dry and dirty.  I liked them this way.  Now, many times, they have sprayers and sprinklers going.  The produce area is like a rain forest.  I have to pick up my selection and whip the water out of it.  Then I shove it in a bag, getting my hands & the buggy wet.  Usually I put them on the bottom shelf of the buggy.  It is probably the grubbiest area of the buggy, but I don’t want to get everything else wet.  Now I take it home and cook it within 24 hours or it starts to rot.  it is really gross.  I don’t go to the store every day & this can mean waste.  I understand they want their stuff to look fresh and glistening, but believe me, DRY & DIRTY is the most economical.  Think about it.

eek! germs on my buggy handle!

Wal*mart does try to keep things clean.  They have those handi-wipe things at the front door.  I noticed early in the morning (if you are an early bird shopper) these stands have disappeared.  I figured out some employee is restocking them in the back & they will re-appear.  AHA!  As you fill your buggy, spin by the sanitation stand in the meat area (see my last posting) and they usually have the wipes there.  I said ‘usually.’  One day I was there & all 3 stations were empty.  Also early bird shoppers DO find marked down meat at Wal*Mart.  I used to read this & now that I am retired I find it true many times.  Check them out, read the expiration dates & maybe save a bit of $$.