Lewd, crude, and rude

I have been meaning to write about the “S” harassment stories going on this fall.  I didn’t know how to put my feelings down on a page.  The first big revelation was the Kevin Spacey one; then more and more rolled out.  The trickle soon became a flood.  I talked to other women about it and they had the same feelings that I did.  It has existed since the beginning of time and will continue to exist.  Of course, the main ones that get the press are the celebrities and titans of industry.  But drill down and you will see it is all levels of society, and crosses all income brackets.  I had to experience plenty of disgusting behavior at the workplace when I was younger.  There was no place to go to report it.  I would have been laughed at and ridiculed.  I got that anyways, on an 8-5 work shift.  So what else was new?  I got used to it.  If I had been beaten, shot or stabbed something would have been done.  But just low level @(*$**!*!!?  Forget it.  It was 1972.