sending text messages for free with your Yahoo account

here is a handy tip.  If you know someone with a Verizon cell number you can send them free text messages through your Yahoo email.  All you have to do is open a new email message.  In the address line  you type their cell number (no ‘1’) just area code plus number followed by the (@) sign and  I have been doing this with recent Ebay sales to communicate with buyers.  I don’t always know if they have a Verizon cell number but it doesn’t matter, if they don’t, the email will immediately kick back to me.  A lot of people have their cell phones on 16 hours a day.  They probably will open a text before their Ebay message appears through email.  When the auction ends, the buyer name and address pops up for the seller to see.  Some buyers have their phone numbers on this info.  My text messages aren’t free on my cell phone, so this is a little cost saver.