Tomatoes! Banana Peppers! More jars to show off!

this is another picture of our tomatoes and banana peppers.  I have date marked the lids.  They are sitting in the bottom half of a heavy weight plastic storage box.  I didn’t know they had these kinds of boxes.  You put the top on and it has snapping notches.  So there are some neat appliances and tools that make your canning easier. We are going to construct a better food storage area in our kitchen soon.  We have 2 places we store canned goods and it is not using the space wisely.  I have seen some do-it-yourself shelving at Lowes Hardware I want to check out.

learning new things- home canned banana pepper rings

Never thought I would do this, but yup, here they are.  The banana peppers were ready to pick and some were very large.  They had not turned the true yellow color.  We canned anyway.  These are the ones we usually fry and eat like French fries every summer.  I tried to slice very thin.  After they were done, they sort of look like chow chow!  The recipe said to press them firmly into the jar before pouring the boiling water and vinegar over.  We packed them twice this week.  The second time I put a thin sliced yellow onion ring on top for a different flavor.  Can’t wait until this winter when we pop a jar open!  Strange to say but I never ate these things before Subway came to town!  Now I can’t imagine a ham sandwich without them!  The mild pepper and vinegar flavor really go with the meat.