Bridges of Madison County

Well heck– just read that Robert James Waller has died.  I remember reading Bridges years ago–  near the end of the last chapter I sat on the edge of my bed and cried my eyes out.  Phooey on the critics, it WAS a great romance book!  The movie WAS NOT, casting was horrible.  But it one of those books you need to read when you are a middle-aged woman.


when you pass away, shouldn’t all your accounts get cancelled?

OOOI just had a Twitter notification through my Yahoo about several celebrities trending on Twitter.  One was Joan Rivers.  I looked at the link and she still does have an active authorized account.  This is a little creepy.  It looks like her daughter  Melissa still posts stuff on there.  Melissa said ‘she figured out her mother’s password.’    I think Melissa is having big problems letting go.  What do you think?   Would you like someone to keep posting stuff on social media after you had passed away? Not to sound cruel but…