The perfect girlfriend gift- bar soap!

I started doing this recently.  Actually,  I was out of ideas for gifts for women friends.  For years, there was a deluge of “Bath and Body works” products– liquid soap, hand sanitizers (is this really a gift? Come on! It reeks of germs!), and buckets of body lotion.  And scented candles are great, but some folks who live alone and fear house fires don’t really appreciate these.  They give them away to other friends as soon as they receive them.  Then I hit on the idea of bar soap.  It is one of those gifts I don’t buy for myself, but love buying for friends.  Besides the usual places you would buy them, also check in organic grocery stores.  And they don’t clog up landfills like empty liquid bath soap bottles.


Pee Wee will give you money saving tips!

I have been hankering to give tips on how to retire early.  I did, I was in my 50’s.  Was it easy?  Well yes and no.  You have to scrimp and save quite a bit, but hey, you are giving the money to yourself!  Most of these will be low cost savings,  yet they will add up over time.  My first tip is DO NOT BUY HOLIDAY WRAPPING PAPER.  So what if a few people grumble in your family?  Do you want to retire early or keep on slogging?  Buy plain wrapping paper, meaning solid colors, striped, or even polka dot.  No reindeer, jumping babies, throbbing hearts.  Good colors are:  silver, white, red, green, and blue.  Hit up the thrift shops and yard sales.  Folks, you can use this stuff for any occasion!  If it is Christmas, add a green or red bow (or ribbons) if you want.  You get the drift.  Think about it, do your children really care about the paper?  Hmm, I bet they are more excited about what is inside the box!  If you absolutely have to, you can buy Christmas paper, but ONLY (a big only) if it is on sale.  As I figured out long ago, you will only use this stuff once a year.  With Pee Wee’s idea, you are set for 12 months!