Why you should build a house on a hill

My feet are always dry because I live on a hill. My father-in-law once said ” don’t go looking at property to buy on a sunny dry day. Go after a big rain.” Pay attention to this, folks! Buying land in a flood zone is a recipe for disaster. And sometimes later on, you are stuck with this house because savvy home buyers will pass you by.

A Handy Yogurt tip

want to learn a new way to make your morning yogurt look more appetizing? Here it is–and it is very simple. For years I always ripped the lid off and began stirring. Since it is a milk product, it can separate. The tearing of the lid sometimes made a little annoying “splash” so I would do it over the sink. I noticed my husband one morning shaking his yogurt. Just hold it in your hand (cover intact) and give a few good shakes. Remove the lid and–TA DA- the ingredients are mixed! As a side note I also put on a few spoons of raw oatmeal to help my cholesterol.

money saver tip for the day $$$$

Get dry haircuts.  My other post just disappeared.  My fault.  90% of beauticians  won’t do this.  Find the 10% who will.  You can change an $18 hair cut into a $10.  I just talked my husband into trying it today and he LOVED it.  I have been doing it every chance I get since 1996.  Ask the hairdresser first if she is agreeable to this.  Shampoo at home either the night before or the morning of the cut.  Don’t apply any “product.”

cutting dish soap costs in half

Have you noticed in recent years that cheap laundry soap & dish washing soaps have pretty much disappeared off store shelves?  Remember the days before HE (high efficiency) laundry soap, you could buy varieties of it in huge boxes?  And the same with laundry soaps.  Getting to the point:  I noticed a few years back I was always buying more dish soap.  Then I started buying refill jugs & saved quite a bit on that.  Finally I realized I was sometimes filling the sink with soapy water 6 times a day.  YES!  I got in the habit of washing utensils & pots while cooking a meal.  Then I’d let the water get cold while I watched a TV show or movie.  Then I let the water out, ran more hot water & washed the rest of the dishes.  One day (perhaps I had been boiling water for tea) I had a large amount of hot water I could have poured down the drain.  Instead, I added it to the soapy water in the sink.  Ta da, everything was great!  I know we have better grease-cutting soaps now (Dawn and Wal*Mart knockoff) so we can wash in cold water.  But my soap usage has dramatically gone down.  Save yourself about $20 per year.

Pee Wee says girlfriend, don’t do it!

This could cause flack for me.  I see it as a way to sock more money into your retirement account.  This is the most addictive thing I have seen women do.  Acrylic nails are like drugs!  YES, they are beautiful!  YES they make your hands look gorgeous!  YES YES YES.  But they’re costly!  I was tallying up prices I looked up on Yahoo answers & saw these nails cost $500-$700 per year.  I have personally known women who get these applied for special occasions and love, love, love how they look.  So they keep on getting them. Why, ladies?  Wouldn’t you rather retire early?  A pretty manicure is very easy to do yourself using the proper tools.  And there’s a rainbow of affordable nail polishes you can buy and apply yourself.  Some of my friends stop using the better nail parlors & start going to unlicensed places which are a whole lot cheaper but a tad risky.  The acrylics can make your nails thinner (I know one lady who wore them for 11 years non-stop and finally quit).  There are dangers of fungus and infection. Just my 2c.

Pee Wee will give you money saving tips!

I have been hankering to give tips on how to retire early.  I did, I was in my 50’s.  Was it easy?  Well yes and no.  You have to scrimp and save quite a bit, but hey, you are giving the money to yourself!  Most of these will be low cost savings,  yet they will add up over time.  My first tip is DO NOT BUY HOLIDAY WRAPPING PAPER.  So what if a few people grumble in your family?  Do you want to retire early or keep on slogging?  Buy plain wrapping paper, meaning solid colors, striped, or even polka dot.  No reindeer, jumping babies, throbbing hearts.  Good colors are:  silver, white, red, green, and blue.  Hit up the thrift shops and yard sales.  Folks, you can use this stuff for any occasion!  If it is Christmas, add a green or red bow (or ribbons) if you want.  You get the drift.  Think about it, do your children really care about the paper?  Hmm, I bet they are more excited about what is inside the box!  If you absolutely have to, you can buy Christmas paper, but ONLY (a big only) if it is on sale.  As I figured out long ago, you will only use this stuff once a year.  With Pee Wee’s idea, you are set for 12 months!